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refer to rosy telehealth

Make The Connection

Rosy Telehealth allows you to connect women who have sexual problems to the experts and treatment they deserve, right inside the Rosy App.

Make The Connection

When you refer women to Rosy Telehealth, they’ll find:

Access to a network of medical and mental health professionals who specialize in sexual health

Convenient, accessible answers and treatment they need from the comfort, safety and privacy of home

Interested in becoming a Rosy Telehealth provider?

If you are medical or mental health professional specialized in women’s sexual health and are interested in practicing on Rosy Telehealth, please reach out.

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How It Works

  1. Refer to Rosy Telehealth

    Refer women to Rosy Telehealth with this printable patient handout.

    Print Handout

  2. How Can We Help

    Women choose their area of concern from our wide range of treatment options, including low desire and relationship problems.

  3. Rosy Makes A Match

    Rosy matches women to experts who specialize in that area of concern and are licensed in their state.

  4. Book An Appointment

    Women can book appointments at the convenience with easy in-app scheduling.

  5. Meet the Sexual Health Expert

    Women join their virtual video appointment from a phone or desktop.