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Breaking Barriers: Religion & Sexuality Class Series

Many messages we’ve received about sex throughout our lives stem from religious roots. Rosy created a new class series to help reframe the relationship between sex and religion.

These classes aims to respect the individuality of all of women and help reframe how we think about sex within our different religious contexts. We partnered with three amazing women who are not only devout in their respective faiths, but also experts on women’s sexual health to create classes on Christianity, Islam and Orthodox Judaism. Learn more about each class below and start your free class today!

Our Religion & Sexuality Class Series is FREE until December 4.

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Christianity & Sexuality

A class to help Christian women learn how to find the joy, let go of the guilt, and reconnect in their marriage.

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Islam & Sexuality

A class designed to help self-identified Muslim women understand religious taboos and how to overcome them in order to regain sexual pleasure.

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Orthodox Judaism & Sexuality

A class to help observant Jewish women understand some common and unique sexual challenges, their origins, and how to find sexual understanding and acceptance within their religious beliefs.

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